Disha Shetty

T.Y. B.Com
2011-2012 batch

I have attended Ambitions Commerce Institute since 12th standard and am satisfied with the knowledge imparted by Kaustubh Sir and his teaching.

Personal attention to each and every student and equal importance is the speciality of Kaustubh Sir. He and other faculty are always ready to solve doubts and their friendly relations with all students hslps every student to open up and ask for doubts while learning.


Nayana Nakhate

T.Y. B.Com
2015-2016 batch

Ambitions Commerce Institute has always been the best place to study, enjoy and showcase our knowledge. Whatever marks I have scored in my college is only because of Kaustubh Sir!

At home I could not concentrate on studies sometimes, but in the classes Kaustubh Sir taught us with all the motivating spirit, that my full attention was only on what he taught.