Difference Between Online Learning and Offline Learning

Time Management

Both the modes of learning require a student to offer sufficient time to master the course but time boundations are strictly prohibited in online study. Face to face learning requires time discipline but online study allows a student to fit learning according to his life.

Financial Requirement

Cost is certainly a factor that highly differentiates both the modes of education. Traditional learning involves a whole lot of cost while the online study is less expensive and comparatively cheaper than face to face learning.


Online study is more convenient, period. It offers you with time and location flexibility instead of binding you with time limits. While the traditional mode of study involves less convenience, which on the other hand makes you more disciplined.

Choice of Courses

Traditional learning offers tried and tested courses for the students while the online study offers a wide variety of courses which a student can choose according to his skills and interests. The online study also assists a student to explore the unexplored paths.


The exposure in offline studies is rather limited to the fellow people in the institution but offline learning offers a vast exposure. You fellow could be any employee wanting to enhance his skills or a busy parent with a lack of time.

By the time, you might have a clear picture of what’s inside online learning and how it is distinct from traditional or face to face learning. It is an undeniable fact that the quality of education does not depend on the mode of learning. Both the modes come with their own pros and cons. That does remind of a previously asked question i.e.


Online study is versatile and offers immense flexibility for a student to pursue the course. You can easily plan your studies according to your time, managing your other works through the day. For instance, if you are a working person and remain busy throughout the day, you can easily continue your study in the nighttime conveniently.

Continue with Job

The most amazing benefit that online learning offers is the feasibility of pursuing a course while continuing your job. It is one of the most efficient ways to enhance your skills while you can achieve your targets in the office. Online learning helps to escalate the chances of promotion as your skills and experience increase simultaneously.

Greater Exposure

Online learning furnishes superior exposure as students from several countries and continents get affiliated to pursue the same course. Choosing the online mode of study allows you to work with a variety of people. Some of them might be working in an MNC, some might be associated with big business firms or some might just be residents of other countries.

Avoid Commuting

Not that significant but rather notable benefit i.e. people can avoid commuting while being affiliated with online learning. Your books, teachers, study materials etc all are accumulated on your laptop computer only. Avoiding commute will also be essential in saving your money and time.

These are just some of the benefits of online learning in a summarized form. It is certain that traditional way of learning is undoubtedly remarkable and has its own list of benefits but online learning brags in many fields.

Recognizing the importance of online learning, a huge number of people have turned towards online learning leaving the good old traditional methods. Today most of the working people have become affiliated with institutes which allow them to work and study simultaneously. Today, if you search online, you can find a high population who agree with the benefits furnished by the online learning. According to a survey conducted in 2016, more than 5.8 million students enrolled themselves in an online course. That is a significant 263% increase over the last twelve (12) years. Source It is also worth noting that most of them support the advantages of online study over face to face learning.

That certainly brings us back to that magical question – “Does Online Study Give Better Results?” I won’t answer this question rather request you to offer a stupendous answer to it. You can get through the stats online or yourself walk in the shoes of an online learner. Just make sure, by the time you complete reading this article you must have to know what to answer if someone asks you that question again.