Careers After B.Com

Ambitions Commerce Classes, counted amongst the best in Pune helps students of commerce do well in their chosen career. As a subject and field to build a career, commerce has immense and ever-increasing scope. In a country like India with its huge population and ever-increasing complexity, the study of commerce i.e., B Com, one of the specialties of Ambitions Commerce Classes, increases one’s ability to be absorbed in gainful employment.

Mentioned below are a few career choices which students of commerce be it of institutes such as BMCC, MMCC, Symbiosis, KHS, MIT, Modern College have before them when they finally pass-out with their degrees!

Book keepers and accountants

No business, be it service-related or manufacturing can function efficiently without active assistance from an accountant to take care of its finances and day-to-day product pricing/ price tracking. Most students of commerce being in a position to take up basic accounting, there exist scope for employment immediately after getting their degrees. Where one aspires for further enhancement, several courses exist to help gain further knowledge.

Taxation-related experts

Taxes are a reality which everyone, individuals or enterprises face practically on a daily basis. And clearly, these are anything but simple to implement and understand. Most B Com students gain basic knowledge of taxes which they can use to gain employment at an entry level. Going forward, with time and further study, one can become an expert in all matters related to taxes be it to work as an employee or consultant.

Personnel Managers

With B Com these days covering in reasonable depth the study of Human Resources and Personnel Management, a fresh graduate can hope to join an organization as an HR Executive and study further in the field to reach newer heights. Ambitions Commerce Classes, Pune’s premier Commerce Classes equips its students to learn and understand more about personnel management so that freshers contribute gainfully to their employment.

Insurance Advisors

Insurance being a sunrise industry, be it life insurance or general insurance and students of commerce having good knowledge of the same, a worthwhile career can be worked out even during one’s student days. As for Ambitions Commerce Classes, Pune’s best Commerce Classes, its students do get the correct idea about the industry while studying here!

Entrepreneur and self-developed businessmen

Not everyone is cut-out to become an entrepreneur. It requires knowledge, exposure and sheer guts to go it alone and that too at a very young age which most people are during their graduation days. Students of Commerce have a clear lead over others due to an early exposure to subjects like management, marketing, finance and taxation which in most cases gives them the right platform which if handled with care and caution can lead to an amazing career as an entrepreneur.

Even after graduation you can start working as an Entrepreneur as during your graduation you learn about accounts, tax, marketing, finance and insurance also. If you are starting small scale business you can work as a sole entrepreneur as you know lots of things of the business. Ambitions Commerce Classes being run by a first-generation entrepreneur, it goes without saying that students do get inspired to become entrepreneurs

Logistics, EXIM executive

These are fields which are quite hands-on though basic knowledge of commerce gives people an edge. With EXIM trade increasing by leaps and bounds and so too the field of logistics, a fresh graduate in commerce, a B. Com student can expect to contribute positively to the field while also learning a lot. At Ambitions Commerce Classes, Pune’s best commerce tutorials, these subjects too are touched upon in some depth.

Brokers, consultants and experts

India is at a stage where permanent employment is increasingly being looked down upon given that people join at low levels and take time to learn and come up to the standards of any industry. A better, faster and fruitful way is to employ brokers, consultants and experts. Students of commerce i.e., B Com students given their knowledge of subjects affecting the working of any organization like finance, accountancy, tax and personnel + their relatively young age means they can open consultancies/ brokerage firms at a young age, give specialized services and hope to earn a decent living!

At Ambitions Commerce Institute, every student’s ambitions, ideas and resolve is given personalized care and attention. Be it an accountant, businessman or broker, every career is taken seriously and students guided accordingly. Students on their part have shown their commitment towards the institution and society by doing well in their respective careers and making their near and dear ones proud!