All work and no play make John (or Jill for that matter) a dull boy (or girl!)

And this holds true for every field at every stage in life. Study, study and only study results in severe boredom and can bring about the onset of depression in some cases. In the Indian context, given that like it or not, most knowledge is acquired to simply pass exams and not necessarily to know the subject at hand- unless you are attempting something like a CA or CS (Ambitions helps you with these as well!) where you are expected to know way beyond what is written or implied in text books, this could be a very, very real possibility.

At Ambitions Commerce Institute, we expect our students to not remain stuck to their text books but know more about the world at large be it in context of the subject at hand or otherwise. What is expected of them is to remain relevant, contemporary, competitive and very, very positive. For the same, we advise a series of steps our students ought to take where they want to remain relevant for all times to come.

  • Take care of your health

Studying hard is as much about one’s health as it is about one’s mind. A healthy mind ALWAYS resides in a healthy body and never the other way. Long hours of intense studying may seem easy but is not. It calls for a good posture which is always due to a good physique. Anyone with a bad physique is always half as productive. A walk and light exercise is good to start with but it should be followed with a round of intense exercise like running, swimming, badminton etc. Yoga too helps as it concentrates a lot on stretching which keeps the muscles toned and strong.

Another thing; intense study calls for good sleep. And good sleep comes when one is exhausted- both mentally and physically. With the mental part being taken care of by studying, the body can be put to rest with exercise.


  • Read about your subject

Things these days change with the speed of light and get communicated equally fast given that everything is moving into cyberspace. To stay relevant, be it as students and beyond, one should read extensively about everything related to industry, commerce, money and investments. This helps stay in touch with ground realities and helps focus on particular industry of one’s interest. Extensive knowledge about a particular industry can be helpful in choosing the right career path by giving the right information at the right time.


  • Read outside of your subject:

If you think reading just about your area of interest i.e. your subjects and career choice is the farthest you need to go, you could be wrong. No one wants to be around a bore who talks only about work, work and more work, and nothing beyond. You could just be one. To remain lively, positive and enthusiastic about life and your career, expand the scope of your reading to including

things like sports, politics, arts and technology. The field of employment and one’s likes and dislikes change constantly. These days with nothing remains the same as was the case before. It thus makes sense to read extensively, about things related or unrelated. You could just land yourself an awesome deal in a totally unrelated (though completely interesting) area which today may seem strange and out-of-scope.


  • Be with the right set of people

Winners stay among winners. No price for guessing who losers stay with! Yes, your friends’ circle determines who you are, your ideas, attitude and thought. Stay with the junkies and flunkies and in time you become one. Stay with the career-focussed, positive, hardworking and vivacious types and their attitudes rub on you rather fast. In no time will you pick-up their positive traits and become one of them. Initially it may seem intimidating though with time, the achievers shall accept you and you too shall accept their ways- a win-win for all!


  • Study for a minimum of 1 to 2 hours every day and try completing your syllabus well in time with revisions every now and then. Never leave things to chance. Leave the “chance pe dance” part to those not serious about a career. If you are dead serious about your vocation, regular studies and revisions are what shall see you through- ALWAYS!


  • Reduce distractions- especially the mobile:

The devil these days resides in a gadget called the cell phone, alternatively called the mobile phone. Keep it next to your books and expect yourself to concentrate more on it rather than your books. What your friends do at what hour with whom are details not needed to be known specially when you are hard at work. If you do, be sure of going nowhere. Sometimes greatness comes to those who think inside-the-box as opposed to out-of-box because a boxed environment helps concentrate on your studies – something that can easily be ruined by any gadget…like a mobile!


  • Sleep, a minimum 7 hours every day

If you do all that we have mentioned before, be sure you would be very tired and in need of good sleep. DO IT and that too for notless than 7 hours every day. Anything less and you are liable to feel drowsy all the time. Anything more and you could be called lazy. While sleeping, your brain decodes all that you have studied and revised and allots them to your memory. The more you revise and sleep properly, the more the chances that your memory shall not fail you when most needed. Also, good, fitful sleep means you come awake with full of energy and vigour- ready to take on another day of rigours with all the powers at your disposal.


  • Eat right

Don’t eat to fill your stomach. You aren’t an animal. Instead, choose your meals and foods carefully. Besides giving you energy, it shall help you stay awake, fulfilled and ready to make the most of any day…AND ANY EXAMS! Try eating foods rich in proteins, calcium and carbohydrates. The first two shall help you maintain your body and grow the right way. The third shall take care of all your energy needs. Avoid foods that are heavy in calories and fats as they do not suffice any of your needs and could in fact affect your performance in badly. Better still, try visiting a specialist who can help you chart a proper food chart.


  • Remain busy at all times from waking to sleeping. No slacking- ever!

In the end, remember one thing. NEVER REMAIN IDLE. BECAUSE AN IDLE MIND INVARIABLY BECOMES THE DEVIL’S WORKSHOP! Why invite trouble where you could avoid the same and do things positive. Fill your day with a mix of positive, fruitful activities that gives you the feeling of having accomplished something big and important because it is only when you take yourself seriously that seriously awesome things happen to you!

A long, long list this may seem. But what is a list if it is short and doesn’t show you the larger picture!