The Institute

Ambitions Commerce Institute was established by Prof. Kaustubh Atre on 17th October 2001 on the auspicious day of Ghatasthapana. Ours is private tuitions for a curriculum of Commerce, French, German and Sanskrit.

At Ambitions our main aim is

The Tuitions was named “Ambitions”, as we are convinced, that the education alone has the power to fulfill the aspirations of youth. The college life is the age when the students get Ambitious. We insist that the knowledge gained will empower them to achieve their ambitions. Having Ambitions is to progress which is aptly reflected in the emblem of our tuitions. The tagline below the emblem shows our mental set up to share our knowledge with everybody as guided by Saint Samarth Ramdas.
We are unique in the way we have kept abreast with the new challenges in education and have responded to the changing needs of students.

“Ambitions” has several major strengths:
Open door policy for the students, parents and staff,
the commitment to education,
booklets designed to gain excellence,
a student centered approach and an unbeatable ambience.

While teaching, we focus more on explaining each subject in detail and also how to connect it to the practical life. Once the foundation of the subject is strongly laid, the students can easily understand the subject, and yes they score too! We do not teach to mug up the answers it will never help them in their practical professional life and examination.

Since 2001 our tuitions are doing continuous progress and growth. In 2003 Ambitions started its expansion with the

1st branch in Dhankawadi under the able guidance of Prof. Navniit Mandhani,
2nd branch in Bibwewadi under the able guidance of Prof. Pralhad Joshi and
3rd branch in Mayur colony, Kothrud under the able guidance of Prof. Sumit Wawre.
Our Toppers
Riya Chaco
A/Cs: 98/100
Sarthak Malwadkar
1st in MES Garware College
Nilaya Murthy
T.Y. Costing II: 85/100
Costing III: 92/100
1st Prize for Costing in BMCC
Adwait Aphale
T.Y. Costing: 94/100
1st in MES Garware College
Supriya Apte
T.Y.BTA: 91/100
Mahesh Wani
S.Y. A/Cs: 97/100
1st Prize for A/Cs in BMCC
Nilaya Murthy
S.Y. Costing: 87/100
1sr Prize for Costing in BMCC
Aniket Ambekar
S.Y. Costing: 87/100
1st Prize for Costing in BMCC
Siddhi Gujar
1st in BMCC
Shweta Parasnis
Maths: 100/100
1st Prize for Maths in BMCC
Maitreyee Rajput
1st in Pune Board
Harshad Natu
A/Cs: 100/100
Board prize for Account
Sayali Limaye
French: 100/100
1st in Maharashtra
Gauri Bageshpur
A/Cs: 99/100
French: 97/100
Usha Ramkrishnan
1st in BMCC Merit List
Dhanashrii Bandal
1st in MES Merit List
Ambitions commerce instityute
Student's Feedback
Method of teaching is best. Sir always explains every concept and then he gets problems solved from us. For every student conceptual clarity is important. Since our concepts are clear we are in a position to solve problems easily. Income Tax is very practical subject & Sir taught us very beautifully.
- Hrushikesh Shrikant Harishchandrakar (T.Y.Bcom)
The class is really great. Communication between Sir & student is very helpful to understand. We can ask sir any problem related to the subject and he answers it until we understand. Coming to this class every day is fun. Teaching techniques are fantastic.
- Sonali S Dhavle (T.Y.BCom)
It is very nice class. While teaching, Sir explains all the concepts in detail & asks whether we have understood it. I also appreciate the friendship that sir shares with all the students.
- Surabhi Sharma (T.Y.BCom )
उत्तम !!! सर्वच विषय सुंदर शिकवले जातात. कोणत्याही विषयातील प्रश्न सहज समजावून सांगितले जातात. एका वर्षात सुद्धा सर्व विषयांचे सखोल ज्ञान सर देतात.धन्यवाद  सर !!!
- Ashwini Arun Dixit (T.Y.BCom)
"Ambitions" is really a 'New Route to Sure Success'. I joined this class because I had heard the name of this class from many students. I am very thankful for the best teaching & guidance. I enjoyed each & every session of this class. I will definitely suggest "Ambitions" to others to achieve their "Ambition".
- Amruta Anil Deshpande (T.Y.BCom)
Our seniors always told us that this was the best class. This year I experienced the same. The concepts & subject was made understandable & easy. I enjoyed all the lectures.
- Sagarika Pradhan (T.Y.BCom)
A place where every student gets his doubts cleared with perfect explanation. Same treatment for every student which makes a student comfortable. Pleasant classroom which helps to concentrate.
- Chetan Laxman Ghyar (T.Y.BCom)
I have inculcated all practical knowledge about tax and not only the theory. I came to know about current situation in Tax field. Sir is very open minded and good at heart. He understands way of our thinking and communicates with us accordingly. I like the way of teaching.
- Abhidnya Shirish Atre (T.Y.BCom)
Good class, Good teaching method, Sir is very friendly & open. Fun with learn. Revision is taken which is very helpful for students.
- Puja N Aiya (T.Y.BCom)
I am attending Ambitions for last 3 years, I have noticed improvement in me. Sir pays personal attention to everyone, every problem & doubts cleared. Thank you sir, for everything. Specially, the trip to Bhimashankar.
- Nimisha Sharma (T.Y.BCom)
I decided to join "Ambitions" because I had heard a lot about it from my seniors that it is 'the best' class and it was proved accordingly. Sir, teaches really very well & explains in very simple language .
- Swarali S Sahastrabuddhe (T.Y.BCom)
क्लास खरच खूप चांगला आहे .शिकवण्याची पद्धत इतर क्लासेस पेक्षा वेगळी आहे.लगेचच समजते. क्लासमध्ये जवळजवळ एका तोपिकवर ३० प्रोब्लेम्स घेतले जातात व ते सर सोडवून दाखवतात. हा क्लास खरच चांगला आहे हे ऐकले होते इथे आल्यावर खरंच कळलं कि हा क्लास खूप चांगला आहे.  Please हा क्लास असाच राहू दे. This Class is  Great in the world.
- Trupti Sampat Gurav (T.Y.BCom)
मी Ambitions क्लासमध्ये शिकत असताना मला असे जाणवले कि या क्लासची शिकवण्याची पद्धत खूपच छान आहे. क्लासची वेळही खूपच छान होती.
- Nitin S Katende (T.Y.BCom)
Ambitions क्लास हा खरंच चांगला क्लास आहे कारण सर प्रत्येक लेक्चर अगदी मनापासून शिकवतात  व ते माझे प्रोब्लेम्स वैयक्तिकरित्या सोडवतात. आणि क्लासचा स्टाफ देखील चांगला आहे. सरांची शिकवण्याची पद्धत चांगली आहे.
- Harishchandra Maruti Jadhav (T.Y.BCom)
मी सागर कोंगे ह्या वर्षी क्लास जॉईन केला. आणि मला शिकवण्याची पद्धत आवडलेली आहे. त्यामुळे माझ्यात आत्मविश्वास वाढला आहे. म्हणून परीक्षेत मार्क्स जास्त मिळतील असे वाटते.
- Sagar Kisan Konge (T.Y.BCom)
This class is a forward class compared to others. In my opinion, everything about the class is good - like teaching, trip, get-together for last year students. I wish that this class will achieve its goals in future. Thank You, very much Sir. This is "The Perfect Class".
- Manoj Sunil Yengul (T.Y.BCom)
Ambitions is a very good class in our city. All the facilities are available to us. The teaching style is very good & easily understandable.
- Vikas Vaijanath Waghmare (T.Y.BCom)
Ambitions is the class for commerce and most important characteristic of Ambitions Institute is time management. Ambitions provide the good amount of knowledge of the subject. Ambitions guide us for the future and career.
- Anjali K. Andhale (T.Y.BCom)
I like Ambitions Class a lot. I like the methodology of teaching. I gained confidence in this class and I hope it will bridge the gap between education and practical life for me.
- Ballaxmi Vijay Bhandari (T.Y.BCom)
"Ambitions" teaching is very good. The language is very easy and the notes given to us are very helpful. Best education is provided by Ambitions. The students of Ambitions make good career in life. No class is better than Ambitions. I am very thankful to Ambitions Commerce Institute.
- Supriya Suresh Walke (T.Y.BCom)
'Ambitions' is the best class in my opinion. The class is nice because of facilities provided. Mandhani Sir understands our problems and teaches very well. I love this class.
- Pooja C Sharma (T.Y.BCom)
In my 4 years of learning here, I have seen 'Ambitions' class growing step by step towards success, creating extraordinary students and helping students in choosing their career.
- Rohit Gade (T.Y.BCom)
Ambition is very good class in our City. They provide good facilities to us. Teaching style is very good and also easily understandable.
- Vikas V Waghmare (T.Y.BCom)
I am studying here for the last 3 years. I joined the class in first year, just for getting passing marks. I then realised that if we regularly attend the class, then not only can we pass but get much better marks in the exam. Ambitions, as the name suggests, really motivates those who don't have any ambition in their life.
- Mallika S Shetty (T.Y.BCom)
Ambitions is best class for Commerce and most important characteristic of Ambitions Institute is time management. And 'Ambitions' provide the maximum knowledge about subject and future career.
- Anjali K Andhale (T.Y.BCom)
I like Ambitions. I like the easy teaching methods. I got a lot of knowledge in this class and I hope it will be helpful for me in future.
- Ballaxmi Vijay Bhsndari (T.Y.BCom)
Ambitions commerce instityute
Ambitions commerce instityute